Midnight (at Carl and Cole)

at Justin Herman Plaza

#hyperlapse (at One Market)

Latte not really art (at Mylikes)


Cody (at Carl and Cole)

We have the cutest dog in the office #tw (at Mylikes)

In recent months, the ride-sharing service Uber has been engaging in a campaign to recruit its competitors’ workers. This is something almost every company in a competitive market does; indeed, agreeing not to poach your competitors’ workers is against the law. via Pocket

Before there was Twitter, I used to say that if you want to be a developer, you need a blog. Would you trade any of these blogs for their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts? I wouldn’t. via Pocket


My first #hyperlapse it sucks because it was dark (at Cole Valley, San Francisco)

Cody sits so cute (at Carl and Cole)

Where’s @karlthefog? #tw